$10,000 -$150,000 in unsecured credit lines.
New corporations and start ups are OK, including franchises.
Program is available to all business entities including: Sole Proprietorships, C corps, S corps, LLC’s
An existing business and business history are not required. DBA’s only are OK.
Personal Credit Cards are an option for clients who do not qualify for Business Credit Cards.


Cost of capital can be as low as 0 -3% for 3 – 18 months with promotional rates available from 80% of the banks we work with. Regular APRs are 7 – 20% depending on client credit scores / history, issuing bank and location of the client and / or bank. Rates can fluctuate based on market conditions.


$0 to start the program, other than a small fee for enrolling in the credit reporting / monitoring service our funders require for evaluating your credit scores / history ( the name of the required service).

GUARANTOR REQUIREMENTS – At Least 1 Guarantor With:

680 + TrueCredit Vantage Score (FICO > 580+). Please refer to our Credit Reporting / Monitoring Service – Requirements and Enrollment Procedures document for additional details.
No late payments in past6months. Up to 1OK in past 12 mo. Up to 2O K in past24 mo.
No judgments, collections or tax liens with unpaid status. Collections must be paid off. Charge offs must show zero balance and be more than 4 years old. No closed accounts with unpaid balances. No bankruptcies showing on credit report.
At least 2 open bank cards with 3 yr. history or $3k limit. Or, 1 card with $8k+ limit / 3 yr. history. Or, 3 closed cards with positive history, no current balances and limits of $8k+ each. If you have a mortgage or car loan, the required number of cards / limits can be reduced up to 50%.

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